duckheads_jersey_warpOur Barbecue-Team re-formed in 2014 under the name:

Crazy Duckheads

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Games Barbecue 2018

Schedule and Results

DateOpponentLocationTime/ResultsRecaps and pics
Sun 28. Jan Allershausen FireballsRosenheim (Hallen)6:15
Sun 28. Jan Bad Aibling 89ers Rosenheim (Hallen)11:10
Sun 28. Jan Munich Krasshoppers Rosenheim (Hallen)4:12
Sun 28. Jan Gröbenzell BanditsRosenheim (Hallen)10:12
Sun 28. Jan Bad Aibling 89ers Rosenheim (Hallen)3:25
DateOpponentLocationTime/ResultsRecaps and pics
Wed 11. Jan Baldham BoarsRosenheim (Hallen)7:9Link
Sun 22. Jan Bad Aibling 89ers Rosenheim (Hallen)4:15Link
Sun 22. Jan Gröbenzell BandidosRosenheim (Hallen)3:21Link
Sun 22. Jan Munich Krasshoppers Rosenheim (Hallen)12:15Link
Sun 22. Jan Indersdorf FirefliesRosenheim (Hallen)4:23Link
Sat 18. Feb Bad Aibling 89ers Schwaig, Am Sportplatz8:13
Sat 18. Feb Taufkirchen Smelly Sox Schwaig, Am Sportplatz3:16
Sat 18. Feb München M-Jäger Schwaig, Am Sportplatz1:15
Sat 18. Feb Freising GrizzliesSchwaig, Am Sportplatz5:18
Sat 18. Feb Allershausen FireballsSchwaig, Am Sportplatz6:7
Sat 3. Jun Indersdorf FirefliesErding, Mallards Ballpark5:7
Sat 3. Jun Gröbenzell BandidosErding, Mallards Ballpark11:14
Sat 22. Jul Regensburg Crazy BonesSchwaig, Am Sportplatz1:14
Sat 22. Jul Freising GrizzliesSchwaig, Am Sportplatz0:24
Sat 22. Jul Schwaig Red LionsSchwaig, Am Sportplatz4:15
Sat 22. Jul Bad Aibling 89ers Schwaig, Am Sportplatz2:14
Sat 22. Jul Gröbenzell BandidosSchwaig, Am Sportplatz2:9
Sat 22. Jul Post Hype Sleepers Schwaig, Am Sportplatz3:10
Sat 22. Jul Gröbenzell BandidosSchwaig, Am Sportplatz4:3
Sat 7. Oct Gröbenzell BandidosErding, Mallards Ballpark4:20
Sat 7. Oct Gröbenzell BandidosErding, Mallards Ballpark0:14
Sat 2. Dec Freising GrizzliesSchwaig, Am Sportplatz1:13
Sat 2. Dec Bad Aibling 89ers Schwaig, Am Sportplatz5:20
Sat 2. Dec Schwaig Red LionsSchwaig, Am Sportplatz1:17
Sat 2. Dec Baldham BoarsSchwaig, Am Sportplatz7:19
Sat 2. Dec Allershausen FireballsSchwaig, Am Sportplatz2:9

Crazy Duckheads in place 10

On December 2nd, the Erding barbecue team went to Schwaig for the Red Lions Cup. Although we didn’t win any games this time, we had lots of fun.

The season can begin!

Ein Teil des Landesliga-Teams 2017.

After a few practice ganes, the official season starts on April 29, 2017 with an away game against the Baldham Boars for the tossball team, as well as for the State League team against the München Caribes 4.

First trophy for the Duckheads

On Saturday, February 18 we participated in our second indoor tournament as Crazy Duckheads. Filled with motivation and prepared to give it all, we entered the fray at the Red Lions Cup, organized by our friends from Schwaig.

Lost, Learned and Left Happy

Die Duckheads in Rosenheim: (oben) Thomas "Hasi" Rauth, Manuela Bott, Sven Bornhagen, Chris Dornacher, Hanne Dornacher, Anders Lind. (unten) Petra Hadersbeck, Markus "Pet" Petrinka, Michelle Bradley, Rainer Hadersbeck.

Sunday, January 22 the Crazy Duckheads participated in their first indoor tournament. After thorough preparation by full participation in the Friday trainings by virtually the entire crew, it was finally time to try their skills.

The Crazy Duckheads at the Midnight Ball in Schwaig

On July 23, the big barbecue tournament “Midnight Ball” took place in Schwaig. The newly re-formed Mallards BBQ team participated.

Crazy Duckheads in Schwaig and Passau

Our Barbecue-Team Crazy Duckheads will participate in at least two BBQ tournaments this year.

Information before the 2016 season opening

The Erding Mallards starts off in the new season with one senior- and two youth teams.

Erding Mallards starts a Barbeque team – „Buttermaker-Turnament“ on July 11

Foiled by the rainy weather on the first attempt, the Erding Mallards will try again on July 11, 2009: at 1 PM the fun-initiative BBQ Baseball will be launched. BBG means “barbeque” and it’s a basball variant for everyone. The