The Three Rivers Cup – Regen, Sempt & Danube

trcBeginning this season (2016), a new baseball cup will take place in Bavaria.

As the 2015 season had too few scheduled games, especially in the State League, the Laub Raiders, Erding Mallards and Passau Beavers have decided to launch an internal pre- and post-season cup.

The game mode will be 2×5 innings without time limits, with 2 umpires and scorer, to be organized by the home team.

This way, each participating club will have another 8 games per season, played in a friendly atmosphere. At the end of the season, the winning team gets to keep the cup until the next season winner is determined. A pre-defined pre-season is thus enabled and the often warm autumn months can be utilized by playing games that matter.

There will be no pre-defined schedule, rather the teams will agree on the next game depending on the regular season schedule. The goal is to have finished by November 1st.


Pl. Team Sp. G V pct
1. Laub Raiders 8 5 3 .625
2. Passau Beavers 4 2 2 .500
3. Erding Mallards 4 1 3 .250

Leauge Leaders (pdf) – updated Dec. 10, 2016

No games found for scoreboard: TRC-2016

Three Rivers Cup: the Raiders win two tight games

Stefan Göttler pitchte im ersten Spiel richtig gut.

The Mallards spent a sunny day in Laub, playing the last games of the season against the Raiders. Three Barbecue players augmented the team (Chris Dornacher, Thomas “Hasi” Rauth and Rainer Hadersbeck).

First game of the Three Rivers Cup ends with a tie

On March 26 the Erding Mallards and the Laub Raiders played the first game of the new Three Rivers Cup in Erding.

Three Rivers Cup kicks off in Erding on March 26

The first game day of the newly instantiated Three Rivers Cup is planned to take place on Saturday, March 26 in Erding. More information will follow.