News and pictures from the field construction work

Sale of the infield

Building and maintaining a baseball field costs our club considerable money and work. Every piece of support, be it small or big, is welcome. Here you can – whether a member or not – donate money for the construction by “buying” a section of the infield.

We have divided the infield in 100 squares for sale. 18 of these are sub-divided into 5 strips, to enable small donations. The prime squares – the bases and the mound – have already been auctioned away, but there are many still available.


  • Square C1-K9 (except E5 and K1): 50€ each
  • Strips out of square A2-B10 (except A10): 10€ each

And here is the current standing:

How does it work?

To buy one or several sections, you only need to transfer the donation to our bank account. Please use the contact form (Link) to request the account number. When transfering the money, please state “Infield + your name + choosen section(s)”.


If you are not a member, please also supply your address, so that we can send you a receipt, eligable for tax refunds, as well as a certificate. We will also add you to the sign at the ballpark. You can also buy sections at one of the home games. If your section should alreay been sold, we will allocate another.

Many thanks!

Spring cleaning

The past two Saturdays, we’ve been working on our field at Schollbach to make it fit for the upcoming season.

Last tasks before the winter

On November 18, we put up the last pieces of fence and finished work on the grill roof.

Impressions from the 11th and 12th construction days

The new home stretch.

Just before the Easter holidays, we moved around 60 tonnes of sand and soil and made much progress.

Several projects closed, infield construction enters the hot phase

Die Basepaths werden ausgemessen mit Bretter als Trennungen.

In the first April weekend, we finished several projects, and slowly we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

The drainage trenches are fininshed, but we still have a lot to do

Die Homeplate fühlt sich bestimmt alleine...

In the past weeks we’ve completed the drainage trenches and filled them with around 90 tonnes of gravel. As soon as things dry up, we’ll levelize the infield and continue with the next layers.