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The new home stretch. Die Basepaths werden ausgemessen mit Bretter als Trennungen. Mannschaftsfoto aller Teilnehmer und Coaches. Michael Schirmer ist oben der 6. von links. Die Homeplate fühlt sich bestimmt alleine...


Latest Results:

State League:

DateOpponentTime / ResultRecap / Pics
Sun 23. AprHaar Disciples4:14
Sat 1. OctHaar Disciplesausgef. / ppd
Youth State League:
DateOpponentTime / ResultRecap / Pics
Sun 23. AprHaar Disciples3:15
Sun 23. AprHaar Disciples2:23
Tossball League:
DateOpponentTime / ResultRecap / Pics
Sat 22. OctDeggendorf Dragonsausgef. / ppd
Sat 22. OctDeggendorf Dragonsausgef. / ppd
Crazy Duckheads Barbecue:
DateOpponentTime / ResultRecap / Pics
Sat 18. FebAllershausen Fireballs6:7


Latest News:

Tidying up the city! – Erding Mallards again participating in the annual “Ramadama” (April 10, 2017) - As almost every year, the baseball club Erding Mallards e.V. contributed our share in keeping our city tidy, by participating in the annual “Ramadama”.
The new home stretch. Impressions from the 11th and 12th construction days (April 9, 2017) - Just before the Easter holidays, we moved around 60 tonnes of sand and soil and made much progress.
Die Basepaths werden ausgemessen mit Bretter als Trennungen. Several projects closed, infield construction enters the hot phase (April 2, 2017) - In the first April weekend, we finished several projects, and slowly we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
Major League Baseball live in German Pay and Free-TV until 2019 (March 30, 2017) - Great news for all baseball fans: the next three seasons of the Major League Baseball (MLB) will not only be broadcast in pay-TV on SPORT1 US and in the livestream DAZN, but also for the first time selected games will
Die Homeplate fühlt sich bestimmt alleine... The drainage trenches are fininshed, but we still have a lot to do (March 18, 2017) - In the past weeks we’ve completed the drainage trenches and filled them with around 90 tonnes of gravel. As soon as things dry up, we’ll levelize the infield and continue with the next layers.
This is a lot of sand to move. First ground works 2017 (February 25, 2017) - Temperatures above10° C and sunshine – perfect weather for the first ground work weekend 2017. Today we removed the old red sand from the baselines and almost half of the infield, and put a new vinyl flooring in the kiosk.
Die neue Vorstandsgruppe: Michael Rohrbach, Jeff Settles, Melanie Benglan, Anders Lind, Verena Zachmann, Petra Hadersbeck, Veronika Stotko, Sven Bornhagen, Rainer Hadersbeck und Hannelore Dornacher. Our New Officials (January 26, 2017) - At the yearly Meeting of Members last Thursday, several new officials were selected. The workload for the President and Vice Presidents, Sven Bornhagen and Anders Lind, will now become much less.

Latest Team News:

Mannschaftsfoto aller Teilnehmer und Coaches. Michael Schirmer ist oben der 6. von links. Disciples Academy Tournament with Erding participation (March 19, 2017) - Youth State League - From March 8 through 12 2107, the Spring Camp of the professional baseball club Haar Disciples took place in the french city of Montpellier. From the Erding Mallards, 14-year old pitcher Michael Schirmer qualified. We had a quick chat with
First trophy for the Duckheads (March 1, 2017) - Barbecue - On Saturday, February 18 we participated in our second indoor tournament as Crazy Duckheads. Filled with motivation and prepared to give it all, we entered the fray at the Red Lions Cup, organized by our friends from Schwaig.
The first time is the hardest … (February 6, 2017) - Tossball League - … that’s true also for our youngest players. Same as the BBQ team, they had a lot to learn at the 89ers Cup in Rosenheim.
Die Duckheads in Rosenheim: (oben) Thomas "Hasi" Rauth, Manuela Bott, Sven Bornhagen, Chris Dornacher, Hanne Dornacher, Anders Lind. (unten) Petra Hadersbeck, Markus "Pet" Petrinka, Michelle Bradley, Rainer Hadersbeck. Lost, Learned and Left Happy (February 1, 2017) - Barbecue - Sunday, January 22 the Crazy Duckheads participated in their first indoor tournament. After thorough preparation by full participation in the Friday trainings by virtually the entire crew, it was finally time to try their skills.
Tossball: losses by 5:13 and 13:24 in Schwaig (October 12, 2016) - Tossball League - Despite the cold weather, the Mallards gave their all in the derby against the Red Lions.
Double win in Laub ends the season (August 3, 2016) - State League - The State League team has finally found the winning formula, and convinced with two straight wins in Laub.
The Crazy Duckheads at the Midnight Ball in Schwaig (July 31, 2016) - Barbecue - On July 23, the big barbecue tournament “Midnight Ball” took place in Schwaig. The newly re-formed Mallards BBQ team participated.