Monthly Archives: February 2017

First ground works 2017

This is a lot of sand to move.

Temperatures above10° C and sunshine – perfect weather for the first ground work weekend 2017. Today we removed the old red sand from the baselines and almost half of the infield, and put a new vinyl flooring in the kiosk.

The first time is the hardest …

… that’s true also for our youngest players. Same as the BBQ team, they had a lot to learn at the 89ers Cup in Rosenheim.

Lost, Learned and Left Happy

Die Duckheads in Rosenheim: (oben) Thomas "Hasi" Rauth, Manuela Bott, Sven Bornhagen, Chris Dornacher, Hanne Dornacher, Anders Lind. (unten) Petra Hadersbeck, Markus "Pet" Petrinka, Michelle Bradley, Rainer Hadersbeck.

Sunday, January 22 the Crazy Duckheads participated in their first indoor tournament. After thorough preparation by full participation in the Friday trainings by virtually the entire crew, it was finally time to try their skills.