Monthly Archives: October 2016

Autumn work at the Park

Leerrohre zwischen Heim- und Gästedugout werden verlegt.

Today we’ve dug up what feels like half the ballpark, laying down tubing for power and irregation. Hopefully we’ll finish it by tomorrow!

Three Rivers Cup: the Raiders win two tight games

Stefan Göttler pitchte im ersten Spiel richtig gut.

The Mallards spent a sunny day in Laub, playing the last games of the season against the Raiders. Three Barbecue players augmented the team (Chris Dornacher, Thomas “Hasi” Rauth and Rainer Hadersbeck).

Tossball: losses by 5:13 and 13:24 in Schwaig

Despite the cold weather, the Mallards gave their all in the derby against the Red Lions.