All-Star Game 2017

This year, the BBSV is for the first time organizing an official All-Star Game for the State Leagues. We have been awarded the task of holding this game. The date has been set to Saturday, August 26th, with Sunday, 27th as fallback. The player nomination is open until August 19.

The game will be played as a three-team tournament between “Team North”, “Team Central” and “Team South”:

11:00 Uhr: Team South vs. Team Central
13:30 Uhr: Team Central vs. Team North
16:00 Uhr: Team North vs. Team South

Each game is played over 7 innings without mercy rules. No new inning will be started after 1 hour 45 minutes. The games may end in a draw, the leader is determined using the DBV tie-breaker rules. Re-entry rule: if a player must leave the field due to injury or an ejection, and the team has no substitute players left, a player that already participated may re-enter.

Each player should bring his own helmet, bats and catcher gear. We’d be grateful for an “entry fee” of one new baseball.

Before the first game, the sports speaker of the City of Erding, Janine Krzizok, will perform the symbolic first pitch. As always when baseball’s on in Erding, the Mallards will offer excellent catering. Admission is free. We kindly ask our visitors to use the designated parking areas.


Driving directions: here

Below please find the current status of the player nominations. Each team in any of the three District Leagues can nominate two players.

All-Stars Team North

These 8 teams (of 13 in total) have nominated players:


Nominated players

Headcoach: Damien Greenwell, Schweinfurt Giants
Assisting Coach: Cory McDowell, Schweinfurt Giants 2

All-Stars Team Central

These 7 teams (of 13 in total) have nominated players:


Nominated players

Headcoach: Kai Bindemann, Buchbinder Legionäre 3
Assisting Coach: Markus Kulipper, Buchbinder Legionäre 5

All-Stars Team South

These 7 teams (of 12 in total) have nominated players:


Nominated players

Headcoach: Jeff Settles, Erding Mallards
Assisting Coach: Rainer Singvogel, Schwaig Red Lions 2

Ten days left for nominating players (August 9, 2017) - Saturday, August 19 is the final deadline for nominating the all-star players. Until then, the teams can enter or change their player nominations.
Save the date: Landesliga All-Star Game 2017 in Erding on August 26 (July 25, 2017) - For the first time, the BBSV is holding an official All-Star Game for the State Leagues. We, the Erding Mallards, have been chosen to organize and host this event. The game will take place on Saturday, August 26. Reserve date