The Crazy Duckheads at the Midnight Ball in Schwaig

On July 23, the big barbecue tournament “Midnight Ball” took place in Schwaig. The newly re-formed Mallards BBQ team participated.

It was a very fun – and taxing – day. As only 6 players could participate, a common team with players from the Baldham Boars was formed. Unfortunately, only three players from Baldham could join so the Duckheads simply borrowed players from the other teams. Some Duckheads played games with other teams as well, just the way it should be in a barbecue tournament.

The Crazy Duckheads lost the first games pretty clearly, but in time for the most important game – the one against the organizers and neighbors Schwaig Red Lions – they had found their rythm. The game was exceptionally exciting and tight, with the Duckheads taking the win by only 1:0.

The semi-final round game against the Taufkirchen Smelly Sox ended 6:6 as the time limit had expired, so the winner had to be found through a “bat race”: one player of each team had to do ten quick rounds with his head against a bat and then sprint towards the opposite base line. Sadly, the Duckhead (who’s name we will not divulge here) lost the race by over a second.

BBQ coach Chris Dornacher, very happy with the day, received a 3 litre beer glass, as did the other teams.


Regensburg Crazy Bones – Erding Crazy Duckheads: 20:3
Erding Crazy Duckheads – Freising Grizzlies: 1:15
Erding Crazy Duckheads – Schwaig Red Lions: 1:0
Bad Aibling 89ers – Erding Crazy Duckheads: 9:7
Erding Crazy Duckheads – Fürth Pirates: ??:?? (loss)
Erding Crazy Duckheads – Taufkirchen Smelly Sox: 6:7