The tossball teams end the pre-holiday season with a win

With perfect baseball weather, the young Mallards played a double header against the Freising Grizzlies.In the first exciting game they proved, that they’d learned a lot from the last training sessions with Noel Breil. The guests however were focused and did not give the Mallards much of a chance, so the first game was lost by 27:9.

In the second game, the Grizzlies mainly used unexperienced players. On the other hand, the home team played as if there were no tomorrow. Some players found themselves in new defense positions, for example Simon Stotko tried out right field, and Felix Hadersbeck occupied the cather position. Several in-the-park homeruns were hit and many of the opponents were thrown out a the first base thanks to the tight cooperation between the pitcher Cedric Gürsoy and 1st baseman Kilian Rebhan. When a runner did make it to first base, it was more often than not put out by Christoph Schießl at 2nd base. Cedric alone hit three homeruns and Felix hit his very first homerun.

In addition, the outfield players caught a few fly balls or played grounders quickly, this time hitting the relay men, something the toss team has practiced intensively lately. All in all, the team showed what they’re capable of and won the second game by 14:22.

Happy and content, the coaches then released the players for their well-earned summer holidays, and they look forward to the autumn season in September.