Father’s Day in Regensburg

On Father’s Day the Mallards’ tossball team visited the Buchbinder Legionäre.

It did not turn out to be a simple game for the young team. The young Mallards were daunted by the well coordinated team of Regensburg kids, coupled with the intimidating backdrop of the large stadium. Adding to this, many players were absent so that most of the ones who’d come to Regensburg played both games of the double header.

Catcher Simon Stotko got hit in the face by a ball during warm-up, giving him a distinctive black eye, but this didn’t prevent him from playing. The cooperation between pitcher Cedric Gürsoy and Kilian Rebhan on 1st base worked out well and resulted in several outs. Nevertheless, a certain insecurity in the defense remains, which prevented the Mallards from pulling ahead.

Jamie Hutton had a great batting day in his 9th hitting spot. He hit four home runs, bringing home all the runners on base before him. Still, the first game was won by Regensburg with 15:30. The team motivation peaked in the second game, which the Mallards lost with the smallest possible margin of 16:17.

The team was supported by a crowd of fans (and parents) from Erding. The coaches are convinced that the first victory is now near at hand.