The tossball team still waiting for their first win

The tossball team met the Deggendorf Dragons in Erding last Saturday. Thanks to their longer experience, the guests won both games well-deserved, but this did not lessen the exciting atmosphere at Schollbach. Every successful play by the young players was met with applause. Despite a few hectic situations and the still too hesitant runs to 1st base, the Mallards are making good progress and it will only be a matter of time, before they cash in their first victories in 2016.

Game 1:
1 2 3 R
Deggendorf Dragons 4 6 8 18
Erding Mallards 2 6 2 10
Game 2:
1 2 3 R
Deggendorf Dragons 6 6 3 15
Erding Mallards 4 4 2 10