Four strong innings against Füssen

The guests from Füssen encountered traffic problems on their way to Erding and most of the players arrived too late for the official game. Those who were there were augmented with two Mallards players and a non-competition game was started – after all, the weather was perfect and everyone wanted to play. The rest of the team turned up in time to revert to the “true” team assignments starting with the second inning.

In any case, it was clearly the best game of the Youth League team so far this season. Thanks to two strong pitchers – Michael Schirmer for Erding – the innings were short and only a few runs were scored either way. After the 4th inning, the result was still only 2:2. The Mallards showed much improved conficence when fielding and playing the ball. Both the calm assist play by 2nd baseman Caroline Wendik and the diving infield catch by Michael Schirmer were exquisite. The 5th inning brought several relievers for Erding, and the Royal Bavarians could move ahead, much thanks to several walks and wild pitches, ending the game with 13:2 (with the handbrake on). It was nevertheless encouraging to see the rapid development of the small youth cadre. Moritz Bott had his first entry as catcher, a position that seems to fit him well.