First game of the Three Rivers Cup ends with a tie

On March 26 the Erding Mallards and the Laub Raiders played the first game of the new Three Rivers Cup in Erding. A heavy downpour in the night rendered the infield unplayable. Instead of cancelling the event, the teams simply rotated the field and set up a temporary infield in the right field corner, allowing the game to start on time at 1 PM.

The guests made a strong start with five hits and eight runs in the first inning. However, had the Mallards not commited three errors, the inning would have ended after the first run. One could clearly see, that the Erding team has not yet had much outdoor training.

Starting Pitcher Benedikt Dangl did a good job and only yielded two walks until his substitution in the second inning. The relievers Jörg Baumgärtner and Jürgen Schulz both showed a strong performance. The many well-placed pickoff throws from Schulz look promising for the upcoming season.

In the third inning the guests scored another 5 runs, whereupon the Mallards finally had a nice streak of 7 runs, albeit helped by a number of walks. The Raiders did the first double play in the 2. Inning through Feddersen and Käsewieter.

Best scorer for Laub was Matt Oldham with 4 runs and 4 hits, Erding’s Gerald Vogel made 3 runs.

Linescore game 1:
1 2 3 4 5 R H E
Laub Raiders 8 1 5 1 3 18 18 6
Erding Mallards 1 1 7 2 2 13 5 5

As the first game lasted over 3 hours, the second game was shortened to 3 innings. Also here, the Raiders took the lead agains Starting Pitcher Casey Langford, who was struggling with the setting sun right behind the batter’s box. In the third Inning, Laub’s David Feddersen and Nathan van Schaik gave up a number of consecutive walks, allowing the Mallards to close the gap and finally score the winning run at 6:30 PM through Jürgen Schulz

Notable plays in the second game were the single-handed double play by 1st baseman Jörg Baumgärtner of Erding, as well as the triple hit by Jürgen Schulz deep into left field. Markus Habeck hit his first double in his adult career, and Michael Rohrback scored twice.

Sven Bornhagen:
I’m very satisfied with today’s pitching, the hard training during the winter has clearly paid off. I’m also very pleased how well the younger players performed (Catcher Moritz Christ, Pitcher Benedikt Dangl and Leftfielder Markus Habeck). We’re going to have a lot of fun this year!

Linescore game 2:
1 2 3 R H E
Laub Raiders 3 3 2 8 8 2
Erding Mallards 1 2 6 9 5 1

The Three Rivers Cup continues next Sunday in Passau, where the Beavers receive the Raiders.