The Mallards launch a Softball Team

20130515_181620_HPThe Erding Mallards have a long reputation in baseball. It’s now time to introduce a new sport in Erding: softball! Baseball and softball are closely related and have most rules in common. They are both played with hard balls, although a softball has a diameter of around 9.5 cm, while a baseball has around 7.5 cm. The field is smaller and the pitch is thrown underhand. In Germany, almost all teams are made up of girls and women, but there are several mixed teams playing recreational softball.

Since a few months, a group of girls aged 8-12 years are training led by Sven Bornhangen and Julia Triflinger. The young team is looking for additional players, so that a participation in regular league activities will be possible. Trainings are Wednesdays 5 – 6:30 PM at the ballpark in Schollbach. For more information, contact Sven Bornhagen, phone: 08122-8472675.

The picture shows the team and coaches: Standing, left to right: Sven Bornhagen, Caroline Wendik, Belana Lindner, Eileen Kühn, Lara Zachmann, Julia Triflinger. Kneeling, left to right: Tabea Gruffke, Lena Zachmann, Milena Moser. Missing from this picture: Margareta Scarpino.