Erding Mallards – Rosenheim 89ers: 13:20

This team previously played in the tossball league. Now in the autumn series, they wanted to try what it’s like to play with a real pitcher and catcher. Some of the players have already helped out in the first livepitch team.

In their first game, they faced the Rosenheim 89ers. The Mallards got off to a slow start, after the first inning they were behind with 3:14. In the third inning, Patrick Altthaler, in his first entry as a pitcher, produced three quick strikeouts. In the offense, the Mallards now started hitting the ball better and reduced the count to 4 runs behind. In the fourth and final inning, both teams scored 6 times. All the Mallard players scored at least once.

Coaches Sabine Triflinger and Andrew McTeigue:
This was a good first start for the new livepitch team. The boys sure had a lot of fun and did a good job.

1 2 3 4 R H E
Rosenheim 89ers 6 8 0 6 20 9 3
Erding Mallards 2 0 3 4 6 13 5 4