The Teeball team wins in Gröbenzell

Two weeks ago, the big indoor tournament “Golden Ball” was played in Gröbenzell, with 48 teams participating. The Erding Mallards came with two teams. The tossball team had a terrific day on Saturday. They won their first game with just one run (11:10) against the Rosenheim 89ers. In the game against Landsberg Crusaders they made several nice outs on 1st base and also a few double plays; this game ended with 14:3.

Then on to the finals against Baldham Boars: the first inning ended 7:7, in the second Baldham scored three times. In their last half-inning, the Mallards scored 5 runs, before the Boars ended the game with a triple play. Overjoyed the young Mallards took the victor’s trophy back home.

The youth team played most of their bracket games on Saturday. They could only score one win against the Rosenheim 89ers. Sunday was a bit better, with two wins out of three. In the play for 15th place, they won against the Unterhaching Vipers with 15:8.