Peißenberg Dukes – Erding Mallards: 14:4

In the Junior Team’s second game, coach Sven Bornhagen had to plan without some of the regular players. Sebastian Hösch, Philipp Altthaler and Timo Schima from the Youth Team filled the gaps. Altthaler was nominated as starting pitcher, but had injured himself the day before. Morgan McTeigue was also injured, forcing his brother Andrew to fill the catcher position instead of pitching. Maximilian Heilmeier took over the mound.

Peißenberg were very strong earlier in the season, but had a dip in their performance lately. In the first inning they made 4 errors, leading to 4 runs for Erding. Sadly, these were the only runs for them in this game. The Dukes put their act together and played much more robust. They batted long, targeted hits and scored three home runs. At 8:4 for the Dukes, Timo Schima had to retire after a collision with a runner. Although having only 7 players, the Mallards continued the game. They now had no more luck batting, 8 strikeouts in 5 innnings was too much. At the end, they had 1 hit against Peißenberg’s 11.

In the fifth Innings, the Dukes tried to force an early mercy-rule win by trying to hit long balls in the outfield. The Mallards managed to do two flyouts, kindling the hope for a sixth inning. Sadly, one last hit through the outfield gap enabled the Dukes to score their 14th run, ending the game.

Coach Bornhagen:
Yes, we lost the game, but we played better than agains the Caribes last weekend, despite all the injuries and cancellations. To be fair, also the opponents were not in their best form today.