Very successful Championship in Erding

A few days have passed and we look back to the District League Championship from last Saturday. We can’t label it other than as “very successful”, then almost everything worked perfectly. The mood of the players and visitors was excellent, the weather a bit on the cold side but dry, the food tasted good and above all, we got to see six exciting baseball games.

Shortly after 9 AM the first game between the Freising Grizzlies 3 and the Team Association Bad Aibling 89ers / Rosenheim 89ers 2. The even game was won by the Grizzlies by 4:2.

Before the second game, in presence of the Lord Mayor Max Gotz, the Club President and co-founder Sven Bornhagen was issued the honorary membership, and Melanie Benglan, who has acted as interim coach for the tossball team during the summer, was given flowers from her “kids”. Chris Hofstetter announced the new “Regufee Integration Project”. After a free round of coffee and cupcakes, the tournament proceeded.

The two guests from northen Bavaria met in the second game. The Fürth Pirates won a clear victory of 7:0 against the Schweinfurt Giants.

The Pirates continued with their winning streak in the third game with 8:0 against the 89ers. With particularly strong pitching by Neil Morrison, the opponents hardly made it on base.

After game 4, which was won by the Grizzlies with 6:3 against the Giants, it became clear that the two remaining games would be about the 3rd and 1st positions. The tournament organizers decided to swap the games to have a true final at the end.

In the game for 3rd place, the Giants from Schweinfurt collected their third loss with 0:5 against the 89ers.

The final game ended with a surprise. The Pirates, having played so strong in the previous games, now gave up 6 runs in the first inning which basically decided the outcome. Apparently, the young team from Freising had a better pitching bullpen; without Morrison the Pirates no longer dominated. After around an hour’s game the Freising Grizzlies emerged as Bavarian Champions with 9:2.

Organizers and participants celebrated until well after nightfall.

Linescores and further details here.