Erding Mallards launch new Refugee Integration Project

On Saturday, October 17 2015, the Erding Mallards, as successful organizers of the District League Championship, used the event to present their new social project in front of over 200 visitors.

The goal of Coordinator Chris Hofstetter and the managing board Sven Bornhagen, Anders Lind and Gerald Vogel is to improve the contact and integration of local sports clubs and the refugees in Erding.

The Mallards will allow 30 refugees one year of participation in the trainings and games for free. Several new sponsors allows the club to provide the necessary clothing and equipment. Many thanks to Amadeus, Raiffeisenbank Erding, sports equipment provider Gerlspeck and several others.

Coordinator Chris Hofstetter:
Modern integration begins by picking up the players from their housing, common training, participation in the regular season games and post-game festivities. The uprooted refugees can find a new home in sports – not only for physical activities, but also by getting the feeling of being accepted. The so often hindering language barrier doesn’t apply to baseball; our young and international team uses English as a second language on the field anyway.

The project got an enthusiastic reception from the Lord Mayor Max Gotz and the managing refugee coordinator Christian Lenz.

The Erding Mallards would like to pass this integration project on to other sports clubs in the region.