Erding Mallards starts a Barbeque team – „Buttermaker-Turnament“ on July 11

Foiled by the rainy weather on the first attempt, the Erding Mallards will try again on July 11, 2009: at 1 PM the fun-initiative BBQ Baseball will be launched. BBG means “barbeque” and it’s a basball variant for everyone. The rules are similar to those for softball, there are no fast pitches, the pitcher throws underhand and the larger softballs are used. Each team has to have at least three women. The goal is to have fun together and there is no regular league. No experience is required, the rules are quickly learned by playing. Newcomers are very welcome!

The “Buttermaker Tournament” is open to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, fans, supporters, members who don’t want to play regularly, former players and anyone who wants to try out the game. Participation is free of charge, gloves can be borrowed. We start at 1 PM in the field behind the Sepp-Brenninger Stadium in Altenerding.

After the games we’ll fire up the barbecue – a long standing tradition.