Moral victors – the Erding Mallards gain recognition

Finally the day all the Erding tossball players have been awaiting was here: the Bavarian Championships in Landsberg am Lech. In a huge event lasting over 10 hours, 48 games were played between the 10 best tossball teams in Bavaria.

The Erding Mallards had four bracket games to play in the morning – after a journey of 1.5 hours, before things moved towards the end games.

The first game was exceptionally exciting, however the Mallards showed courage and beat the Garching Atomics with 14:13.

The next “victim” were the nice hosts, that did not stand much of a chance and were beaten by 15:7.

Without losing steam the Mallards won easily over the Haar Disciples with 17:4.

The team moulded together for each play and also the newest players scored their first runs.

In the final bracket game, the Erding Mallards then faced the German Champions of several leagues – the Regensburg Legionäre. The game turned in to a battle between equals. The stadium got louder and louder, as the many fans of both teams cheered on their players. For a long time, after intermediate standings of 0:0, 1:1 and 3:3, no clear winner was distinguishable. The Mallards staggered but refused to fall and managed to mobilize their last strength and managed to beat the Legionäre with 4:3. A game that will be remembered for a long time in Erding.

Thanks to the four bracket victories, the Mallards reached the final round as number one. Sadly, most of their energy was spent and in the semi-final they quickly found themselves with a 0:11 deficit. Headcoach Chris Hofstetter, together with his junior assistent Michael Schirmer (age 13) managed to rally the team and suddenly it started scoring again. In the final inning at 11:13 a victory was within reach, but the final batter – 7 year old Kilian Rebhan – was not blessed with enough luck, no more runs were scored and the game was lost. Many players had tears in their eyes – they had literally missed the finals by a thread.

In the game for position 3, the team from Garching was anew the opponent. Was it the sinking sun, a few hotdogs too many or something else? In any case, the batteries were drained and the Mallards now lost the game with another 11:13, thereby not making it to the podium.

Coach Chris Hofstetter:
We could almost touch the trophy but didn’t have enough energy left to grasp it!

The team was honored with loud applause at the victor’s ceremony, louder than even the winning team from Füssen, which clearly deserved the win.

Taking home the innofficial title “Moral victors” and after all a very good 4th place, the team continued on to a nearby pizza restaurant for a well-earned celebration.

The good result was mainly thanks to the large effort spent by Melanie Benglan together with her coaching staff Benedikt Dangl, Moritz Christ and Markus Habeck, that trained the team all through the summer season.