Mallards overwhelmed by nuclear fission

Erding Mallards suffer two significant losses against Garching Atomics.

The first home game day of the autumn round began in pleasant 22 degrees, sunshine and in front of numerous spectators at the Mallards Ballpark at Schollbach. But it started rather slowly for the home team. The first Garching batter was routinely thrown out by second baseman Benjamin Settles, but then it went atypically. Pitcher Jürgen Schulz, who had kept the Caribes on a short leash a week earlier in Munich, delivered a total of six walks to the Atomics. Even his catcher, Tom Wirth, was not the rock in the surf than he is otherwise known as and rather contributed to the unrest in the defense.

In the further course of the game, the two should not remain the only Erdinger who apparently were mentally absent on that day. The Mallards’ offensive held out for a while, including four runs in the second inning, but the long, exhausting defense halves made themselves felt. The pressure to deliver, to finally make the redeeming three outs, increased and the scorer had to record seven errors on the part of the hosts. One of the few outstanding good situations: Wolfgang Kalb’s diving catch in the center field. In the end, after almost two hours, the result was still 8:17. Despite a ratio of 10 hits for Erding to 9 hits for Garching, they had clearly lost.

Linescore game 1:
Garching Atomics 335631794
Erding Mallards14218107

In game 2, Dominik Wulff was now an dominating and very experienced player on the field. At the same time, the Garching pitcher, Leon Gee, was not a very precise thrower, unlike Seidenfuß from Game 1, but had a lot more speed in his throws.

This messed up the Erdinger offensive enormously. At first you could take advantage of his initial inaccuracy and earn yourself three points. But in the end he found his middle and struck out six mallards over the rest of the game, ending half of the innings practically alone. There were a few bright spots anyway, like Fabian Sedlmeier’s first walk and run, Dominik Ströhle with the Mallards’ only hit and Raphael Pankrai with his coolness at the plate, which led to two walks.

The Mallards’ battery did its thing very well. Benjamin Settles as a pitcher served clean strikes, while Dominik Ströhle as a catcher kept his back free. His backdoor pick at first base was also probably the defensive action of the day for the Mallards infield. However: a running and punchy team like the Garching company weren’t didn’t stopped by that. In the end, they scored a total of twelve hits and made the win in game 2 clear again with 14: 3.

Linescore game 2:
Garching Atomics 3176014121
Erding Mallards3000312

Comment from Coach Jeff Settles:
“Today was not our day. But despite too many mistakes and too few hits, there were always great actions from one or the other player. In the first game Noel Breil showed his talent again on the pitchers mound and when hitting with a solid hit in 3rd inning. Wolfgang Kalb was the pitcher in the last innings and finished the game, unfortunately our batsmen were far too quiet because only 3 players had more than one hit (Jürgen Schulz, Moritz Settles and Thomas Wirth). We have to work harder on our hitting. Talent is definitely there, we just have to use it!”

Learn quickly from it and then shake it off is now needed, because next Saturday the meeting with the Ingolstadt is coming up. And a few Mallards will definitely want to show that they can do it better!