A narrow thing in Kufstein

Baldham / Erding live-pitcher lose on the home stretch.

The young boars and mallards have improved significantly in the autumn round. In the game against the strong team from Rosenheim, Bad Aibling and Kufstein it was very close and exciting until the end. In front of a fantastic backdrop and 24 degrees it was a very nice baseball day.

The first pitcher of the Kufstein Vikings caused great difficulties for the guests with his hard and well placed throws, which initially allowed the home team to take a comfortable 4-0 lead. But Jonas Schedel also found his rhythm well in the second inning and did not allow any runs. He received excellent support from his teammates, being efficient in catching and throwing. No team scored in the 2nd inning.

Baldham / Erding landed their first 4 runs in the 3rd inning and after a pitcher change by the home team, but had to collect 5 runs in return, mainly due to several base hits. The 4th inning also went 0-0; here Benedikt Schmid pitched, who also did a good job. In the 5th inning Baldham / Erding made the desired equalization to 9:9 by scoring the maximum number of 5 runs. As Rosenheim / Bad Aibling / Kufstein made a point, they went into the last inning with the tightest possible lead.

The first batter for Baldham / Erding was thrown out at 1st base, but Elias Schedel landed a good hit in the left field on a coach pitch (in the live pitch league, there are up to three balls from the own coach after 4 bad throws from the pitcher). He then came to 3rd base through a passed ball. The next hit flew hard and flat towards 3rd base, the 3rd baseman caught the ball out of the air and quickly stretched his leg to touch the base. Schedel was a step too far away to come back in time, so the game ended in double play.

The guests weren’t sad at all – they knew they had played very well this time and it was somehow fitting that the game ended with such a play. Especially as the home team also played at a high level.

Coach Anders Lind:
“The game was just very good to watch, with lots of good plays and quick innings. Practicing defending in the past few weeks has paid off because they did 5 clean outs at 1st base. There was almost no errors. The outfield also quickly threw the balls to the infield so that they could stop the batters on 1st base at least twice.”

One game remains before the winter break, on Saturday it off to Passau to the newly prepared field there.