Baseballers dedicate playing field to Phill Handy

“Phill would definitely have liked it” – the general agreement among the Erding Mallards. As part of Opening Day on April 22, 2018, the club dedicated its baseball field at Sportpark Schollbach to Phill Handy, who died in autumn 2017 after a short serious illness. “It is a very nice gesture that you show to your late friend,” said Mayor Max Gotz, who had followed the small ceremony from the place of honor.

Before that, in a brief review, the 1st board member Florian Bellstedt paid tribute to the merits of the American, born in 1961. Phill Handy was a member for ten years and acted as a player, 2nd board member and treasurer. As a coach, he led the men of the state league team to the vice championship in 2012. Phill Handy particularly stood out due to his tireless commitment to the construction of the playing field from 2009 to 2010. Together with the honorary member Sepp Eisenreich, and the long-time board member Sven Bornhagen, he was always a driving force in building the field. In the past few years, Phill Handy had given significant support to the completion of the field as a patron.

His son Viktor Handy, wearing his father’s jersey number 33, flanked by Sepp Eisenreich and Sven Bornhagen, unveiled a banner that reads “Phill Handy Memorial Field”. He then opened the game day with the symbolic first pitch in front of more than 100 spectators, friends, former players and guests.

In sunny weather, young and old alike could practice baseball in the batting tunnel. Everyone tried to crack the vault code of the 10,000 Euro competition, but nobody succeeded until the end of the event. “The money could then be donated to the club”, Mayor Max Gotz announced. Others simply enjoyed the atmosphere of the baseball games between the team from Erding Mallards and the team from Garching Atomics 3. The fact that the guests took both victories home could not detract from the good mood.