Big challenge for the young Mallards

For the first time for many of the young Mallards baseball players, LivePitch was played last Saturday in Munich against the Caribes.

Young baseball players start with so-called T-Ball and Tossball. The ball is thrown from the front or from the side by the own coach and must then be hit with the baseball bat. The kids now have had to compete in the LivePitch since the 2018 season. Here, like the adults, the ball is thrown from the front by the opposing pitcher. The changeover was a major challenge for the young team of Melanie Benglan, Anders Lind and Noel Breil. The younger players were particularly challenged with the much more difficult game mode and the ( for April ) high temperatures on Saturday.

The Caribes were clearly a class better, with stable pitching and good understanding of the game. The Mallards had two good innings in defense, with the tag-out on home by catcher Alexander Dornacher as a prime example. Unfortunately, the Mallards were not able to take home at least one consolation point, but Korbinian Vogel, Alexander Dornacher, Simon Stotko and Moritz Wiggerich made it to 3rd base several times.

But there were also bright spots: Moritz Wiggerich impressed as a pitcher with five strike outs in two innings. Christoph Schießl (three strike-outs) and Kilian Rebhan (two strike-outs), as well as Bendikt Schmidt also showed that they are valuable pitchers with a lot of potential. Felix Hadersbeck in the Center Field was able to almost catch two flyballs. The team showed good base running and at least the experienced players were able to bring movement into play with nice hits. For the inexperienced, young players, the switch to the fast pitches was a big challenge.

The games went clearly to the Caribes, but the young team showed some good moves and will surely cause a few surprises this season.