Strong livepitch team lose first game by 11:15

The freshly started Erding Mallards’ livepitch team had their debut on Sunday, September 24. The Vikings from Kufstein, Austria, were stronger in the end, but the home team can be justly proud of their efforts.

With a solid defensive performance they proved, that the players have a good understanding of the game already. Starting pitcher Kilian Rebhan did allow a number of walks, but he also managed to throw four runners out. Christoph Schießl had better strikezone control and only allowed 6 runs, 3 of them unearned due to defense errors. Alexander and Sebastian Dornacher shared the catcher spot and both did a good job.

Very few hits were recorded though, only one single per team. Sebastian Vaupel hit to the outfield in his first at bat and scored the first run for the Mallards. Since he also scored in the second inning, he was voted best batter for the Mallards. The other runs were split evenly between the other players. With a nice home slide in the second inning, Damien Petrinka received applause from the spectators.

1 2 3 4 Runs Hits Errors
Kufstein Vikings 3 6 4 2 15 1 3
Erding Mallards 1 7 3 0 11 1 2