With the demise of Phill Handy on September 29, the baseball community has lost a good friend, board member, trainer, player and supporter.

Phill Handy spread sunshine wherever he turned up, gave everyone a handshake and a smile, and simply asked everyone how they were doing.

With his never-ending optimism and energy, he played a crucial role in the planning and construction of the Mallards Ballpark, in the vincinity of the Sportpark Schollbach in Erding. Day out and day in, he drove tractors or bobcats, took occational breaks to get on the phone or answer emails for his business, and went straight back to work at the field again.

Phill Handy was also member of the club board between 2010 and 2012, acted as coach and player in both the first and second teams, with the 2nd place in the State League final series.

The baseball sport in Erding is tightly coupled with his name. The Erding Mallards are eternally grateful for everything he did and will cherish his memory always.

We will keep Phill in our hearts, just as we remember him – with all his positive sides and his warm ways.

Our thoughts go to his family.


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