Three games, three victors

On Saturday, October 8, the weather wasn’t really that great. But nevertheless, the Mallards hosted a mini-tournament with the Garching Atomics and the Rosenheim/Bad Aibling combo team.

Despite a slight training deficit, the young Mallards hit the throttle from the start and got ahead with 4:1 in the first inning. Jamie Hutton hit a solid homerun, with Cedric Gürsoy as efficient run producer in each inning. Good outfield work was shown by Benedikt Schmid in left field, with good support from Alexander Dornacher and Kilian Petrinka. The additional live-pitch training sessions by Sven Bornhagen in the last couple of weeks has obviously paid off, as several players showed stronger self confidence. With a solid defense and good offense, the Mallards won the first game by a comfortable 20:12 in four innings

Linescore Game 1:
1 2 3 4 Runs
SG Rosenheim/Bad Aibling 1 4 4 3 12
Erding Mallards 4 6 5 5 20

In the second game of the tournament, the team from Rosenheim/Bad Aibling defeated the Garching Atomics by a narrow 15:13.

Linescore Game 2:
1 2 3 4 Runs
Garching Atomics 2 4 2 5 13
SG Rosenheim/Bad Aibling 4 4 4 3 15

After a long and cold break, the Mallards went up against the team from Garching, in a hard but even match. Erding took a small lead with 5:4 after the first inning. Due to weaknesses in the defense, while the team from Garching clearly wanted to win very much, the Mallards didn’t score much in the 2nd and 3rd, where only Sebastian Muñoz-Bauer und Kilian Petrinka managed to reach home plate. Sebastian Vaupel had an excellent overview and presence, his experience from several years evident. Unfortunately, the Mallards had to give up the lead and lost the game by a mere 13:15.

Linescore Game 3:
1 2 3 4 Runs
Erding Mallards 5 4 2 2 13
Garching Atomics 4 3 4 4 15

So, after a long baseball day, each team bagged one victory each. An additional nice gesture was how the teams supported each other: the team from Rosenheim arrived with only 7 players, but Damien Petrinka volunteered to switch sides, and helped out in the second game together with Alexander Dornacher in their win against Garching. The great mood in the team and their obvious enthusiasm for baseball captivated umpire Stefan Gentschew, who lead the games toghether with Sven Bornhagen, who was quoted saying that “this is so much fun, I want to do this whenever I can!”.

The Mallards will wrap up the 2017 season next weekend with another tournament of three, this time in Munich with the Caribes and again the Garching Atomics. After that, the indoor season awaits, but the team eagerly awaits the next spring and the first games in the Mallards Ballpark 2018.