The Mallards enthuse 26 kids for baseball

On the last Friday of the school holidays, the Mallards, as every year, hosted a baseball-activity day.

This year, a record-breaking 26 kids participated at the Mallards Ballpark, learning all the basics about this fascinating sport. In the morning, they learned the basics – batting, throwing, cathing, running and rules, then impatiently queued for the famous Mallards burgers.

Divided into three teams, the whole afternoon was dedicated to playing the game. The teams rotated between offense, defense and watching the others. The first 3-inning round was won by the “Cubs” with 20 runs, followed by the “Yankees” with 11 and the “Red Sox” with 8. After a break for some refreshments and cake, new teams were formed and another 3-inning round played. This time the “Red Sox” and the “Cubs” split the win with 18 runs each, followed by the “Yankees” with 11 runs.

A great day with perfect weather, and we look forward to welcoming at least four of the participants again to one of our teams.