A very successful All-Star Game!

On Saturday, August 26th, the Erding Mallards again hosted a large event. The State Leauge All-Star Game was a complete success.

Over 110 spectators and players gathered at the Mallards Ballpark, enjoying the perfect weather. The All-Star Centrals won the tournament, with All-Stars North and All-Stars South trailing.

Before the first game, the sports representative for the City of Erding, Janine Krzizok, held a short speech on the multi-faceted sports community in Erding and also divulged, that she has some Baseball experience herself, before throwing the ceremonial 1st pitch. After the player introductions and the Bavarian anthem, the first game started at 11 AM.

Game 1: All-Stars South- All-Stars Central: 1:8

For a long time, it looked to be a close game, with a standing of 0:0 after 3 innings. After Team South’s starting pitcher Ramon Rodriguez (München Caribes 3) was replaced by Kevin Kusterer (München Caribes 4), team Central scored their first 3 runs, mostly thanks to two walks and wild pitches/passed balls.  Gerhard Gilk (SG Rosenheim 2 / Bad Aibling) could not prevent further runs. Team Central was stronger in both hitting and pitching; Team South tallied 11 strikeouts, while Team Central only had 3. The only run for Team South was made by Rivet Viola (München Caribes 3)Ramon Rodriguez landed two hits. Six players scored for Team Central, with Korbinian Zacherl (Garching Atomics 3) and Miki Frank (Garching Atomics 2) scoring twice. Winning Pitcher: Dominik Wulff (Garching Atomics 2)Losing Pitcher: Kevin Kusterer (München Caribes 4).

Game 2: All-Stars Central – All-Stars North: 10:3

This was also a close game initially, with a 3:3 after the 3rd inning. Rin Koyama (Raiffeisen Wölfe Lauf 2) gave up 5 runs in the 4th, however three of them were enabled though errors. Team North did not find a way around the pitches from Ludwig Weiß-Vogtmann (Garching Atomics 3), who struck out 9 batters in his 4 innings on the mound. Team Central added another 2 innings in the fifth. Julian Dambacher (Ingolstadt Schanzer 2)Johannes Haselbeck (Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg 5) und Dominik Wulff (Garching Atomics 2) scored twice for Team Central. Roman Taps (Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg 3)Korbinian Zacherl (Garching Atomics 3)Manuel Müllner (Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg 4) and Dominik Wulff (Garching Atomics 3) all hit two singles each. Winning Pitcher: Ludwig Weiß-Vogtmann (Garching Atomics 3)Losing Pitcher: Rin Koyama (Raiffeisen Wölfe Lauf 2).

Game 3: All-Stars North – All-Stars South: 8:7

The weirdest of the tree games was the battle for second place. Team South took an early lead in the first inning with 7 runs and for a long time, it looked like an easy win. Starting Pitcher Gerhard Gilk (SG Rosenheim 2 / Bad Aibling) didn’t allow any runs, reliever Kevin Kusterer (München Caribes 4) also had a good start. However, in the 4th inning team South collapsed, allowing one run after another and commiting 5 errors.  Closer Ramon Rodriguez (München Caribes 3) could not stop this trend and had to give up the lead. As Team South failed to score in the 5th, the second place in the tournament went to Team North. 7 players scored for Team South, Ramon Rodriguez (München Caribes 3) hit a double and a single, Rivet Viola hit a triple down the left field fence. Team North also spread the runs through the lineup; Denis Jehle (Unterwurmbach Red Sox) landed three hits, one of which was a double. Winning Pitcher: Denis Jehle (Unterwurmbach Red Sox)Losing Pitcher: Ramon Rodriguez (München Caribes 3).

At the price ceremony, all players and helpers received certificates, a cup was presented to Team Central.

The team coaches then nominated their MVPs:

• Team North: Niko Hofmann (Kronach Royals)

• Team Central: Ludwig Weiß-Vogtmann (Garching Atomics 3)

• Team South: Christopher Mann (Schwaig Red Lions 2)