The Mallards split against the Red Lions

The Erding Mallards did lose the first game in Schwaig, but came back for a clear victory in the second.

After a slow start, the Mallards swung the bat louder and faster in the third inning. Several good hits and agressive base running enabled them to not only tie the game, but also take the lead in the fifth inning. Due to weak defense the home team could turn the game around, despite the strong pitching by Stefan Göttler, and the Red Lions scored the winning run for 7:6.

The Mallards impressed with their batting right from the start of the second game, resulting in runs in every inning. Stefan Göttler pitched a perfect 3 up, 3 down in the 5th. A few Red Lions batters reached 1st base due to defesive errors by the Mallards, but thanks to some good plays they were put out before they could score. Gerald Vogel celebrated his comeback after a longer period on the disabled list, and Markus Habeck did a promising debut as pitcher. Best player was Rolando Medrano Moya with three strong innings pitching and also good hitting. The Mallards turned two double plays, executed a perfect rundown and finally won the second game by 15:2.