Fireworks in Attaching

The Mallards weekend began on Saturday with a sporting firework, lit off by the tossball team away against the Freising Grizzlies: From the start the young Mallards took the lead. Thanks to two grand slam home runs (4 runs with one hit) by Alexander Dornacher and Kilian Rebhan, coupled with two flyouts by catcher Felix Hadersbeck and two additional homeruns by Cedric Gürsoy the Mallards stayed ahead throughout the game. With Christoph Schießl absent due to illness, Moritz Wiggerich took over his position at 2nd base with Alexander Dornacher playing shortstop. Despite some defensive deficiencies, the offensive strengh was enough for a win by 24:15.

The second game continued much in the same manner: Jamie Hutton abviously felt better at 3rd base than as shortstop – a further strengh of his is hitting homeruns, which hi did twice in Freising. Moritz Wiggerich earned the player of the day award much thanks to two caught flyouts. The outfield crew of Simon Stotko, Paul Schwarzenböck and Kilian Petrinka will have to work some more on their defense, but all in all the tossball team is improving for each game. The second game was won by 27:22.