Major League Baseball live in German Pay and Free-TV until 2019

Great news for all baseball fans: the next three seasons of the Major League Baseball (MLB) will not only be broadcast in pay-TV on SPORT1 US and in the livestream DAZN, but also for the first time selected games will be freely viewable on SPORT1.

SPORT1 US will broadcast at least 75 MLB games live with original English commentators, commencing on April 2 with the start of the regular season, the All-Star Game on July 11 in Miami and the postseason starting on October 3 through the end of the World Series. For the first time, selected games will also air on the free-TV channel SPORT1 with German commentators. The first free game will be the season opener between Arizona Diamondbacks and San Fransisco Giants, featuring star pitcher Madison Bumgarner. The program starts at 11:15 PM on SPORT1.

Click here for the complete press release from SPORT1 (in German).