First trophy for the Duckheads

On Saturday, February 18 we participated in our second indoor tournament as Crazy Duckheads. Filled with motivation and prepared to give it all, we entered the fray at the Red Lions Cup, organized by our friends from Schwaig.

Our first adversaries were the Rosenheim 89ers, who recently won their own tournament in Rosenheim against tough competition. After a good game, we lost by 13:8. The Smelly Sox from Taufkirchen, who had to borrow players from the other teams to fill the gap of several ill players, gave no quarter and beat us with 3:16. We also lost against the M-Jäger with 1:15; they would later win the tournament. Our team did improve during the day, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Grizzlies II from Freising – 5:18 was the final score.

In the last game against the Allershausen Fireballs we fought really hard and had the victory within reach, but lost in the final seconds by 6:7.

Even though a few of the Duckheads left Schwaig with minor injuries, we had a really great time. We learned a lot and clearly see that we are improving. We’re alredy eagerly awaiting the next games and especially for revenge on some of the teams, when it’s time for the “Midnightball” in Schwaig again.


Coach Chris Dornacher:
The Crazy Duckheads is a great team, which still has to learn a lot, but has a great spirit and motivation. At least we got our very first trophy to put on display on our clubhouse “The Entenhouse”!