The first time is the hardest …

… that’s true also for our youngest players. Same as the BBQ team, they had a lot to learn at the 89ers Cup in Rosenheim.

Indoors, each game lasts for only 15 minutes, which was a new experience for many of the players. The first game was relatively OK, with a loss against the Füssen Royal Bavarians by 7:17, and in the second game the young Mallards fought their way, thanks to a few homeruns, towards an 8:13 against the Freising Grizzlies.

They had no change however against the Gröbenzell Bandits, and were blown off the field with an 3:21, which was repeated against Regensburg with 3:22. Although they fought bravely against the tossball team from BSC Kufstein, also the last game was a loss, this time with 6:21. But: being there is what counts. And for each game, our team learns something new. Soon we’ll again hear: Base – HIT, Home – RUN, Mallards – WIN !

Here are the complete results from the Group A:




BSC KufsteinFreising Grizzlies 225 : 4
Erding MallardsFüssen Royal Bavar.7 : 17
Buchbinder LegionäreGröbenzell Bandits25 : 0
Freising Grizzlies 2Erding Mallards13 : 8
Buchbinder LegionäreBSC Kufstein15 : 2
Füssen Royal Bavar.Gröbenzell Bandits3 : 26
Gröbenzell BanditsErding Mallards21 : 3
BSC KufsteinFüssen Royal Bavar.23 : 0
Freising Grizzlies 2Buchbinder Legionäre6 : 19
Füssen Royal Bavar.Freising Grizzlies 213 : 1
Gröbenzell BanditsBSC Kufstein13 : 5
Buchbinder LegionäreErding Mallards22 : 3
Füssen Royal Bavar.Buchbinder Legionäre4 : 15
Freising Grizzlies 2Gröbenzell Bandits7 : 21
Erding MallardsBSC Kufstein6 : 21
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