Lost, Learned and Left Happy

Sunday, January 22 the Crazy Duckheads participated in their first indoor tournament. After thorough preparation by full participation in the Friday trainings by virtually the entire crew, it was finally time to try their skills.

The Duckheads had the lead almos the entire first game against the Baldham Boars, but lost it in the last inning. In this game, Sven Bornhagen hit the only homerun for the team. Indoor homeruns are awarded when hitting the basketball plate. The 89ers 2 in the second game and the Bandits in the third was another story altogether, but against the Munich Krasshoppers it was again a close thing, where a few umpire calls went to Munich. The last game against the Indersdorf Fireflies was even initially, but somehow the Duckheads lost power and lost also this game. What they did gain was a lot of experience. The Duckheads look forward to the tournament in Schwaig on February 18 – a victory or two are planned…

Group Games:

Baldham Boars – Crazy Duckheads: 9 : 7
Bad Aibling 89ers 2 – Crazy Duckheads: 15 : 4
Crazy Duckheads – Gröbenzell Bandits: 3 : 21

Playoff Game:

Munich Krasshoppers 2 – Crazy Duckheads: 15 : 12

Game for 7th place:

Indersdorf Fireflies – Crazy Duckheads: 23 : 4

The BBQ tournament was won by the Schwaig Red Lions – we congratulate them!